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“Had a wonderful stay for our two nights – loved the clean yet elegant design of the room and the tranquility of the view speaks for itself.  The breakfasts were a perfect start to the day.”   R & J, 1999

“A true pleasure on all levels.”  A & J, 1999

“Lovely room and deck.  Excellent breakfasts.  Thanks very much.”  E & E, 1999

“Thanks for all of your hospitality during our stay. The food was great and the peace and quiet was much needed.”  F & H, 2000

“We couldn’t have picked a more relaxing abode! Our anniversary was spent in bliss here at Cove Woods.  The breakfasts were delicious and it will be hard to leave tomorrow.  Thanks you both!”  S & S, 2001

“We had such a peaceful, relieving, carefree time here… The thought and care put into making Cove Woods a really great B  & B was duly noted… Thank you so much for your hospitality and the excellent yoga class.”  J & J, 2002

“Thank you for making our 5th anniversary a peaceful, rejuvenating and enjoyable one.  Your place provided us with a great spiritual lift.”  P & C, 2003

“We had a very relaxing and enjoyable time here… Best Tai Chi class!  Loved it.” A & K, 2004

“Thanks so much for a lovely weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Your hospitality and breakfasts were a welcome calm in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.”  M & C, 2004

“Thanks for all you did to give us a perfect getaway!”  L & A, 2004

“For the second summer in a row, we’ve found our lovely B & B to be a place we can vacation & actually feel completely relaxed.  Having our own porch to sit quietly, eat our delicious breakfasts and contemplate our day definitely sets a tone for the rest of the day, and gives us something we don’t get enough of back in NYC – time to think.”  S & A, 2005

“What a lovely experience!  We had a wonderful time taking in the beautiful surroundings… It was a great getaway for mom and daughter who wanted an escape from hectic city life.  Thank you for making our time special and relaxing.”  A & M, 2002

“Of all the places in Wellfleet that we have stayed at over the last 6 years, Cove Woods is by far the most peaceful and comfortable B & B that we’ve experienced.”  R & C, 2006

“I so much appreciate the tranquility, the calmness, the privacy, the solitude of this special space and the warm and wonderful hospitality, graciousness, and generosity of the hosts!”  David, 2006

“A great blessing to be in your space and spend time with you.”  S & B, 2004

“Thank you both for the lovely, lovely stay. The quiet and peace of this place was so perfect for us.”  A & J, 2007

“This was the loveliest B & B we have ever visited.  Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!”, N & J, 2007

Thank you so much, this place is so charming, we love the privacy and the bathing birds, the wind in the pines. Breakfast was wonderful.  Wish we didn’t have to leave, but look forward to coming back.  N & B, 2008

Thanks for the flowers, good food, and peace.  M & J, 2009

Just wanted to say thanks for a blissful few days in your wonderful peaceful room.  N & R, 2010

Thank you so much for your hospitality, lovely breakfasts, peaceful and nurturing place for us to stay in.  J & N  2010

Thank you again for such a lovely stay at your place.  JG  2011

Thanks so much again for the lovely stay.  It could not have been any better!     C & P   2012

Once again wanted to tell you how much we loved your place!   C & B  2013

Thank you!  Breakfast was delicious!   ST  2014

Thank for this lovely space and the great breakfasts.  T & G 2015

It was such a lovely stay at Cove Woods.  Thank you for having us!  We enjoyed every bit!!  I'll miss your birds bathing in the bath - so darling.  We are delighted to have met you both.  N & C  2015

Thanks for the wonderful stay.  Everything was great.  O & K  2015

Thank you for creating such a peaceful, beautiful place!  V & D  2015

Thank you so much for the delicious breakfasts.  We've enjoyed them enormously.   N & J  2016

Thank you for a lovely week!    J & L  2016

This was so lovely.  Thank you so much!  All the food was beautiful and perfect.  L & M  2017

Everything was so very yummy!   S & B 2018

Fabulous one again.  T & C  2019

Thank you so much!  This is such a lovely space - and magnificent breakfasts!!  L & C  2021!

Thank you for such a lovely visit & delicious breakfasts!  R & R 2022

Thank you so much for another lovely stay at Cove Woods!  Your home and yard and gardens are all so beautiful – you can *feel* what a special place this truly is.  K & C 2023